Display errors in a user task form

I have tried to add the display errors to my form using the method provided in the user guide :

When I enter an invalid value into the form the ‘Start Process’ button is disabled but the error message is not displayed. Are there any example applications I can download that shows the correct way to display error messages?


  1. Give the form a name
    <form name="userForm" role="form">

  2. give the component a name
    <select ... name="installerSelection" ... required></select>

  3. Add validation message
    <span ng-if="userForm.installerSelection.$error.required">Some Message</span>

That works. Thanks. All I was missing was a name on the form element.

I still have issues. We are stuck on Camunda 7.1.0-FINAL and I can’t seem to get this to work as I want. The change suggested gets errors to be displayed but it is being triggered on every key press. I only want the validation to be performed on blur. This is supported in AngularJS 1.3 and above (I believe) but it looks like Camunda 7.1.0 uses AngularJS 1.1.

Is there a way in Camunda 7.1.0 to validate an embedded form’s fields either when the field loses focus or when the Start Process button is pressed?

Hi @mike_g,

I recommend you to upgrade to Camunda 7.4. Would that be an option for you?


I would love to upgrade but it still some time away.