Display jsf page inside Tasklist application

Is there a way to display jsf page inside camunda tasklist application the same way as it is possible with HTML Forms? I know that HTML Forms should be used primarily but this would be very convenient for me because I am not a big friend of javascript.

Thank you.

Hi Adam Klima,

Only HTML-based task forms can be displayed embedded inside the Tasklist

But JSF task forms can easily use as external task forms (will be displayed as Pop-up)

See below links
JSF Task Forms
User Task Forms

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I know about JSF task forms and how easy it is to use those. But it is not so clean from the user perspective because there is the one extra click for “open external form” and the environment of the application changes as well (you are redirected to another application). I just like the way of embedded html forms and I wonder if those could be mimicked with the JSF forms.