Display Logged in user firstName lastName in okta sso

Camunda 7.17.0 - Spring boot Starter project
I have successfully implemented okta for sso login but now After login, I just see the emailid of logged in user and not firstName lastName.

I am able to fetch firstName and lastName as custom attributes from okta using Principal object but not sure where to set so that it gets auto populated post login.
Does ContainerBasedAuthenticationProvider has some object where I can set this info ?

Looks like Camunda is trying to fetch profile from Camunda database during login.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @ad_sahota ,

your finding is true. Inside the engine, the IdentityProvider provides data about users and their groups.

In case of Okta, ldap should be a nice way of integrating this as well. For this, you can use the LdapIdentityProviderPlugin that is available ootb.

I hope this helps


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Thanks @jonathan.lukas This requirement is low priority for us.
Again integrating with LDAP will be overkill in our case just to fetch user name since okta is already authenticating it. Email id should work for now.

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