Displaying Error Response in Camunda BPMN for Failed Service Task Following a User Task

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working with Camunda BPMN, where I have a workflow that includes a user task followed by two service tasks. The service tasks are dependent on the output of the user task, which collects input through an external form. My challenge arises when the user task successfully completes, but one of the subsequent service tasks encounters a failure. I need to find a way to effectively display an error message or response in this scenario.

Does anyone have experience or suggestions on how to implement an error response mechanism in this context? Any guidance or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

By the point you are running the Service Task1, the user task is completed, so you cannot show an error on the User Task.

Remember that BPMN is meant to be implementation agnostic, so think about your process as if it were a sheet of paper.
Step one of your process, someone fills out your form and hands it in.
Step two of your process, someone else (perhaps a machine) is reading that form.
So, if there’s something wrong with the data on the form, you need another task to send the form back to the user and for them to correct it.