DMN Engine not processing Arrays

Hi Team,

I’m facing an issue with my decision table. I hope one of you might have come across a similar issue in the past and have been able to work around it.
I have a simple decision table and i’m passing an Array as an input to the decision table. I’m processing this array in the input Expression. The intent here is to loop through the array, when i encounter the string i’m looking for, set the input variable to true and subsequently the decision table returning a true.
However, when i pass the Array as an input, the decision engine is not recognising the array and hence its always evaluating to false. It is instead taking the first item in the array list and trying to loop through that item instead of looping through the entire array.
Below are the screenshots of the input expression and the decision table implementation.
Any help on how to work around this would be highly appreciated.
The input expression:

The decision table:

Thank you!

Hi @Kiran_Balakrishna.

Thank you for reporting.

Please share the variables that are passed in the decision table.

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Hi @Philipp_Ossler

I’m passing a variable called as ‘employee’. It is an ArrayList consisting of a list of names.
“employee”:[‘Kiran’, “John”,“Philip”,“xxx”]

Kiran B~

I tried to reproduce the behavior but it works for me as expected. When it evaluates the decision table then it returns “Result 1” because the first rule matches.

Please share a minimal reproducer (i.e. your code).

Hi @Philipp_Ossler
Let me try the code. All our code is in VDI and hence it might be slightly difficult to share, but i’ll try.
I want to add one more point here, we are creating our decision models in a separate application and including this application as a jar library in other projects, from where the decision model is invoked.

Kiran B~