DMN evaluate input List


helper.getList returns a java array of strings. in the rule input below, how do i check if the list contains a value “A”?

I don’t think this is possible as the type you can define via the dropdown is primitive only

Hello @PieterS ,

indeed, I am not sure whether this is possible with DMN in Camunda 7 (in Camunda 8, there is the „any“ type).

You could try using a Literal Expression in your DRD and use the result as input for your decision.


Hi @PieterS,

Set Type of Input to empty value as in the below snip

Kindly find attached a simplified working example
test_json_input.dmn (1.6 KB)

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Awesome @hassang , I was not aware of this :sweat_smile:

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That works! Thank you kindly @hassang