DMN evaluate variables that does not get used

Hi Team

I have a DMN that is made up of different tables of which the output is used as input. But it evaluates variables that would not be needed if that specific variable in parent the table is false? the whole point of this table is to use it anywhere but the only way I can get it to work is I set those variable to some default value. Is there another way?

checkFilesUploadRules.dmn (37.4 KB)


I suspect your challenge is how to chain decisions together. If you use a DRG, then all sub-decisions will be evaluated, so yes you must supply values…

An alternate way to chain decisions together is via a BPMN based decision flow. In other words chain the sub-decisions as a sequence of business rule tasks. With his approach, you could design the flow logic to skip unnecessary sub decisions… (see here for examples of decision flows…)