DMN Feel Expressions: Input Expressions Variable names with hyphens?

can variable names have - in them in a Feel expression as a Input Expression for a DMN input?

Is there docs on naming requirements?

The DMN docs seem to have become very mixed up with multiple versions of DMN docs mixed together and screenshots that do not match the descriptions etc. So difficult to understand the usage of DMN lately :slight_smile:

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I recommend to use camelCase or snake_case for variable names.

If you need to reference a variable name with a special character, like a dash, a whitespace, etc., in a FEEL expression then you can escape the name using backticks.


Does this help you?

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Great. Is there docs I can point people to on this?

I’m not aware of. There is only the mention in the FEEL docs: Expressions | FEEL-Scala

But I think it would be a good addition :wink:

The DMN docs are coming up as a pain point as FEEL is the “default expression language”, but how to actually use DMN + FEEL + Camunda Modeler seems to be scattered across multiple websites under different subjects: FEEL-Scala talks about scale, but not actual usage in Camunda. And Camunda talks about DMN XML but not actual Modeler usage with the “default expression language”.

Hi @StephenOTT thanks for bringing this up. This was not yet on my radar to look at the FEEL documentation experience, but it is now! I’m working on a restructuring proposal for the Camunda Modeler docs right now (literally opened in my other window) so I’ll add this as a point to review next.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate this feedback! Thank you!

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