DMN for Task Completion Conditions


I would like to implement Human Task completion conditions. For example, it should not be possible to complete my Task without setting a boolean value to true or perhaps selecting a date value that is in the future. This should be applied in the form of business logic on the server side i.e. enforced at API - not dependent on some UI form input rules.

One possibility is to use DMN, so that the rule can check to see if these values have been set. From a transaction pov, it must be setup so that if rule fails the Human Task is not committed, the Human Task just stays open. No loop backs as this would create new Tasks.

The other is to use Conditions - but I am do not see how this can be applied correctly.

Is using DMN with correctly specified tx boundaries a good way to go?
Many thanks, Conor.

@conorhayes you can model a DMN(Decision table) followed by Gateway(exclusive) will be a good option. So the Task will get created only if it satisfies the given condition.


Thanks for suggestion, but unfortunately it won’t work in this use case.

The creation of the Task is not dependent on the initial values, but the valid completion of the Task does depends on these values being set according to the business rules.

Other thoughts?