DMN Hit policy example mismatch from the docs for Hit policy="Any"

As per the docs, it says multiple rules can be satisfied for Hit policy = “Any” from the given example. But the given example seems to be quite matched with Hit Policy = “Unique”. Always one rule will be matched. Rules are:

  • eq 0
  • gt 0 and probation period
  • gt 0 and no probation period

With these rules, how does multiple rules will be satisfied? Is my understanding right?

Hi @aravindhrs.

Good catch! The example does not show a proper example of the ANY hit policy because only one rule can match.

To fix the example, we could remove the input entry > 0 of the second rule.

What do you think?
Do you want to create a PR and fix the example?

Best regards,

@Philipp_Ossler I will fix the problem, just I needed the confirmation whether the doc was right. I will do the change :+1: Thanks for confirming it.

And in the future is there any plans for adding Extension Elements tab to the property panel for the decision tables?

@Philipp_Ossler, Created an JIRA for this issue: CAM-11762.

Created an Pull Request for that jira, please review and merge it to master branch.

Updated DMN hit policy = ‘Any’ example:


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