DMN Models & Uniqueness of IDs

We’re finding that we need to duplicate DMN models for each of the customers we are working with.

If we want to clone a DMN Decision and use it / maintain it for a new customer, what IDs or Names in the Model XML do we need to explicitly change to make it a valid & standalone instance for the new customer?

If we just change the Name, and leave the DMN top level ID the same, then deploy it it overwrites the prior version for the original customer, presumably because the top-level DMN IDs are the same.

If we change the top-level DMN name AND it’s ID then we seem to get what we want - but is this all that is required for a complex DMN with sub-tables? For example, should we also change the DRD name and ID? Should we change every ID?

Is there any guidance on this point anywhere?

For info, we’re not using any of the Tenant functionality within Camunda currently (in case that makes a difference to the answer)

Thanks Steve

Hello Steve,
You‘ll have to change all ids for those Decisions you want make unique for your customer. A DecisionId is the unique identifier within the DecisionEngine.

Best, McAlm

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