DMN: Output list of values

Is there any way to output a list of values (e.g. Strings) in the same column?

I’m trying to achieve something like the following:


But unfortunately I’m getting runtime errors. I know that a solution might be to repeat the same rules and using the “Collect” policy, but I want to avoid this since I will be having many rules and duplicating them would make it unreadable.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @nmanitaras,

You can design a DRD with two decisions.

  • A decision table in which output values are assigned as a single string with a special symbol used as a separator (# symbol is used as a separtor in below example)

The resulting DRD should look like

Kindly find attached both simplified working DRD & BPMN example models
example_drd.dmn (2.5 KB)
call_example_drd_process.bpmn (3.7 KB)

Thank you very much for the detailed answer!

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