DMN simulator not being able to use native functions

Hi! Im just landing on the Camunda dmn and I came across this situation where I cannot use native functions I declared on my Camunda dmns when I load them inside Camunda simulator tool.

I always get errors claiming that unable to find specified function (i.e date and time(date)), etc)

Can we actually use native functions inside Camunda simulator?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @devMonkey87,

the current Camunda DMN simulator implementation (Camunda DMN-Simulator) is based on Camunda 7. There are differences between Camunda 8 DMN and Camunda 7 DMN that you may see here.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks for your reply Ingo!
For what I could test, native functions don’t work with dmn created with Camunda 7 either…

Its a pity in my opinion we cannot use them directly from the tool.

As selection values in the DMN itself, the simulator will accept values like date and time("2024-01-09T00:00:00") but not date("2024-01-09") as noted on another thread.

Do you have a concrete example of what won’t work?
We found that you have to wrap your input in a date and time(variable) if you are feeding in from JSON, since the JSON has it as a string.

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Thanks a lot! I managed to make it start working with some of the examples on the linked thread you shared.

Best regards!