DMN tables not visible in Optimize platform 8


I’m trying out the new platform 8 docker compose approach for local dev stack approach. All works well. However i have process models with inline dmn decisions which are visible in Operates history view, however in Optimize there is no ability to build decision reports or view these decisions…

Is this a feature limitation, a licence limitation or a setup issue?



Super cool that you are trying out Camunda 8 Rob. Conversations with you contributed to us building it :slight_smile:

Sorry I have no input or answer to your question beyond this comment myself right now but I am sure somebody else will answer


Hi Rob,

It looks like for now DMN reporting in Optimize is Camunda 7 only.
It’s on the roadmap to have complete feature parity so you can expect it to show up in time.

If you have any other queries about the current feature set you can check out the docs which shows what’s supported in which versions.

Thanks Niall,

Now i understand what those platform 7 tags mean in the context of platform 8 docs :grin:


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