Docker-compose example for a Camunda Cloud Self-managed environment

joe.pappas: If you’re looking to start up a Self Managed environment locally for development purposes which includes Zeebe, Elasticsearch, Operate, Tasklist, Identity Access Manager (IAM), IAM database, and Optimize you can find a sample docker-compose file and zeebe application configuration file here in this Community Hub repository, enjoy!

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Thomas Heinrichs: That’s awesome <@UEX82L1BP>! I love it :star-struck:

joe.pappas: I only stood on the shoulders of giants :slightly_smiling_face:

Uwe Koch: Great - seems to be at several point smoother than the version I actually use. Just trying it out!
2 little things
• Requirements: docker-compose at least v1.29.2 ( had v1.25 before) that supports settings like cpu_limit

joe.pappas: Thanks for the feedback <@U0304449YQ1>! I will make those updates. I came across your earlier thread during my research and I too wanted to use a bridge rather than a host network. I’ll either remove or update mailhog.

Uwe Koch: Just had a conversation with @Nele and @Thomas Heinrichs and we talked about <@U6XL8AN3V>’s Simple Monitor, which I successfuly integrated in your docker-compose Scenario. Because you focused on CamCloud with your github I don’t know where to put it. Perhaps anyone ist interested in starting everything up - especially operate and simplemonitor at the same time.

  1. Download: Actual Hazelcast-Jar with Dependencies from <|Hazecast Exporter Release Github (V1.1.0)> and put it in the same directory as the files attached.

Uwe Koch: