Does camunda 8 suport ui plugins like camunda 7 cockpit,task list ui plugins?

does camunda 8 suport ui plugins like camunda 7 cockpit,task list ui plugins?
is there a docs for it?

Hi @DaniMadmolil,

No, Camunda 8’s webapps, Tasklist and Operate, do not support UI Plugins. However, within the Camunda’s form, you can implement highly flexible forms:

HI @DaniMadmolil !

What plugins would you be looking for to use or build in Tasklist?
What features are missing in Tasklist that you like to substitute via a plugin?

Product Manager Tasklist

Thank you StephanHaarmann

Hi christian-konrad,

In Camunda 7, I developed a plugin for the task list navbar to display notifications. For instance, when a user selects a filter in the task list and a task belonging to another filter is assigned to them, a notification appears in the navbar to alert the user. This functionality was achieved using a combination of a Camunda engine plugin with Java and a Camunda UI plugin with React.

I’m curious whether Camunda 8 offers the same level of flexibility for development. Could you please confirm if my assumption is correct?

Hi @DaniMadmolil!

This sounds like a smart solution.

In C8, there’s (at the moment) no extension support in Tasklist, unfortunately. We are evaluating how to achieve this. Currently, the options are either the non-customizable Tasklist, or a custom task app (Introduction to task applications | Camunda 8 Docs).

Besides that, notifications are one thing that we are currently evaluating. We are also working on filter management, and one thing in the backlog are subscription-based notifications: a user could subscribe to a filter and receive notifications when new tasks arrive. Would that make sense for your use case?