Does camunda community edition provide any war/jar/ear file for IBM liberty

I have a java application deployed on IBM Liberty. I want to embed camunda community edition process-engine as well as rest-engine into the same application.
Due to some constraint, I want to call camunda rest api’s from my java application even though both camunda rest-engine and my application are deployed on same profile of liberty.
Note: I know camunda EE has ear and war available for IBM liberty, but I want to go with Camunda community edition.

Hi @umesh1,

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Camunda offer support for IBM WebSphere Liberty 22 only with the Enterprise Edition. So no war/jar/ear for the Community Edition.

You can check the supported community and enterprise (added in brackets) Application servers here:

The Community Edition distributions can be found here:

I hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply Yana. So does it mean, there is no way using which I can deploy camunda community edition on IBM liberty? and the only solution I have is to go for camunda enterprise endition?

There’s no Camunda community artifact that can be deployed on IBM Liberty.

OK. Thanks for the information Yana