Does Camunda itself support SSO?

Yep, I am a kind of new with Camunda.
It is great to read that SSO gets a lot of hits in search results.
Did not find the one, that addresses my query.
I try to understand if the web based environment of Camunda itself supports SSO
I seem to have three accounts at Camunda
1 at academy.camunda com
1 at cloud.camunda io
1 at forum.camunda io
Are two of them obsolete?

Hello @matjung ,

as the forum is run by another team than the cloud and the academy is a third-party service, only Camunda Cloud supports SSO for all the components and services contained.

So, all 3 accounts are still required.

I hope this helps


Thanks @jonathan.lukas .
I guess the three of you are discussing this topic every now and then.
I tagged your response as Solution.