Does Running Multiple Camunda Instances on the Same Server Increase Performance?

Is there any advantage to running multiple, shared process engine instances on the same server? In this case the Java container is WildFly.

We’re doing this currently because we wanted a separate instance with history turned off for DMN tables. However, we are now using a custom external history process and so I was wondering if there was any benefit to having more than one instance (second instance uses WildFly’s port offset configuration).

My gut tells me there is no advantage as the server has limited CPU/memory resources and just creating a second thread pool in a separate instance isn’t going to improve things.



Hi Michael,

I don’t see any advantage of running multiple Wildfly instances. This basically increases the contention for the available server resources.

By the way if you want to have multiple shared process engines with different configurations you can also configure multiple process engines in a single Wildfly instances, see the multi tenancy docs for more information.