Does Zeebe support Compensation?

Does anybody konw it?If not, will zeebe team implement this method?

Hi @achu2000,

currently, Zeebe doesn’t support Compensation. But we think it’s an important feature and we will support in the future.

Best regards,

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Do you have any updated ETA for the future that is promised to give us Compensation-logic in Zeebe?

Hi @valland,

There’s no updated ETA yet, and compensation isn’t on the Q2 roadmap–the team is focused mostly on cluster stability in the first half of the year.

However, we’re looking at it as a potential topic in Q3. As soon as we have a more concrete update, I’ll share it here and would update this page as well.


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Any update on this? Would be very useful in simplifying workflow design…

No updates yet.

But take a look at the following post. It shows how to model compensation with the existing features: Handling zeebe eror