Doing a Project with Camunda for School (STUCK)

Hi! I’m currently doing a project for school with Camunda where I need to create three business rules. I’ve never worked with a BRE before and I’m quite lost despite the number of workshop tutorials I watched on YouTube. I don’t understand how I can use negation or compare two inputs within a DMN table. For example, I want to grab two inputs: receivedate and signaturedate. My business rule should say “true” if the signaturedate is AFTER the receivedate and should say “false” if it is not. How can I do this? Please any advice is appreciated.

Hi @cat welcome to the community!

What have you tried so far? Have you got a DMN table defined with a rule at least that you could post here?


Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I appreciate it!

So far I found a simple practice diagram someone made and I messed around with it a little so I have this (attached). I have been using the DMN Simulator to practice whether it works or not. I guess it technically does now but if I put a business rule to handle if someone were to input the same dates then it doesn’t work anymore. Is this a good approach so far to what I am trying to achieve? (Sorry I am a huge noob at this LOL)

What do you want to happen if the dates are equal?