Dont work Multi-Tenancy in Self-Managed in zeebe spring boot

i have a project with spring boot zeebe last version:
and my zeebe run in docker and i set Zeebe_Gatewat_ MultiTenancy_ENABLE=true on docker compose but when i want to set a tenantId in my project show error that “multi-tenancy is not enabled”

Hi @Mohammad_Rahmani - can you share more details? Are you only running Zeebe or are you running other services as well (such as Operate or Tasklist or Optimize)? How do you have authentication configured for Zeebe (are you using Identity)? How are you attempting to set the tenantId?

Hello @nathan.loding
I use operate and tasklist with free licence of camunda.
Im using keyclock as authentication provider and not using identity.
I my application on application.yaml i set:
Default-tenant-id: example
Thanks for your attention

Hi @Mohammad_Rahmani - couple things:

  • multi-tenancy requires Identity; multi-tenancy is a feature that is enabled by the full Camunda stack, not a feature that is fully enabled by Zeebe alone
  • have you enabled multi-tenancy in all the other services? Just setting ZEEBE_GATEWAY_MULTITENANCY_ENABLED isn’t enough. Refer to the documentation here; because you are using Docker, this thread may be helpful also.
  • even though you specified the default tenant ID, I believe you also need to go into Identity and configure that tenant

(Also, just in case: the free license is only for non-production use of Operate and Tasklist.)

Yes i don’t use identity
I use this issue and check again

is it work? I didnt work it.

I don’t use identity it’s now
I will install identity and send my feedback when test