Download BPMN from Cawemo

I want to use the BPMN I created in Cawemo directly in my code - is it possible to do that?

If so how can I achieve this?

Hi @pme123
This shouldn’t be a problem at all - you can download the model you’ve created in Cawemo by exporting is as BPMN XML

Then you can put it where ever it is you need to work on the execution semantics and open the file with the Camunda Modeler.

Hi @Niall , thanks for the response. Your answer describes the manual process.

What I am looking for is the ‘machine-way’. Like calling a URL or even better a REST Service.

I work on a private project that takes the Cawemo model and merges it with the implementation which is described with a Scala-DSL.

Hi @pme123
Cawemo does have an enterprise feature that synchronizes models created in cawemo with models edited with the Camunda modeler. Cawemo | Camunda

But this is not available in the free version of cawemo I’m afraid.

Hi @Niall thanks, that answers my question - so my tool will need an Enterprise Version of Cawemo :sweat_smile: