Drool Engine versus Camunda DMN Engine

Which algorithm does Camunda rules engine implement? I am trying to compare Drools versus Camunda Rules engine. Where can I find the comparison study of Drools and Camunda DMN engine?



This site may be of interest. It compares conformance to the DMN specification.



Thank you!

I have compared the two. Drools is industrial strength decision and rules management that goes way beyond DMN. In fact, I believe Drools now supports DMN.

They are vastly different in the complexity of configuration, tooling, approach to decision encoding, etc.

DMN as Camunda has implemented is very simple, light, and fast. However, it does not have the breadth of decision making and management tooling that Drools does. You can learn DMN in a day. Drools takes considerably longer.

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Hey, can you share the Output of your comparison? :slight_smile:

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what happened to the dmn-tck check? All checks are ‘missing’. What does that mean?
Is there any other up to date documentation regarding the conformance-level of camunda DMN modeller and the DMN engine ?


Hi @sthiel,

the DMN TCK switched to DMN 1.2. Currently, Camunda supports only DMN 1.1. The results of DMN 1.1 can be found here.

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Thank you Philipp for this Informationen.

One more question: Does the test refer to the modeler or the engine?

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The DMN TCK is a test kit for DMN engines. As far as I know there is no test kit for DMN modelers.