Duplicate User Task is created on the same process instance


I have a weird behavior happens in some unknown cases that user task is being created twice in the same running instance.

Task is sent from Maker Validation to Checker Verification using:

Does anyone know the reason behind this strange behavior?


can you provide the whole bpmn to us, so that we can have a deeper look about what is happening?


Check to make sure that you don’t accidentally have a connection from your start event to your “Checker Verification” step.

These are not true duplicates, in that they start 20 seconds from each other. It appears that there’s one flow that has gone “Start → Maker Validation → Checker Verification” and a second path that has gone “Start → Checker Verification”

But the only way that we (the community) can tell is by seeing the actual BPMN file, not an image of it.