Duplicated tasks in same instance created

In some cases i get duplicated tasks for non multi instance task and the main user tasks are sequential so expected that i’ve to finish one to enable the next one but in some cases multiple sequential tasks get enabled at the same time. for example in the attached process verify, approve and endorse are sequential tasks but in some instances i found that i have multiple verify, multiple approve and multiple endorse tasks in the act-ru-tasks table which shouldn’t happen. Also i’m not able to tell what exact scenarios cause these issues it happen in production and i’m not able to simulate locally.melbourne.arsc.primary.v2.bpmn (110.2 KB)

Hi @Eslam_Omran,

After a quick lookup I found a few overlapping sequence flows in your diagram: grafik

and grafik

Maybe there are even more. Your process would become better if you remove the overlapping sequence flows.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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