Dynamic condition based bpmn

Is there a way to dynamically change bpmn on the basis of camunda variables?

As per the image, I have different flows(branches) and in one process instance only few of the branches are active. Instead of showing all the branches/flow I want to show only active ones.

You could dynamically determine which delegate/script to execute for each of your steps so you just have 3 boxes. You can use input variables to determine which code to execute. This would reduce your yellow activities down to 3 activities

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for replying, updating my question.
As per the input at SetAction step, only few of the branches will be active. For ex branch for tasks of A, B and C are active whereas for others i.e., H, D, E and F, tasks are not be active.

In that case I want to change bpmn from bpmn1 to bpmn2 at runtime/dynamically.