Dynamic label based on process variable


I have an existing process definition which I would like to extend with “dynamic label”.

What that means is I’d like to show a different label next to the same action in the same process - depending on the process variable which was used to start the process in the first place.

For example, I’d like the label to show “Do you want to return your Ferrari” or “Do you want to return your BMW” to show a somewhat customized label, but everything around that label is identical. Basically, if label was able to evaluate expressions, that would be it.

I could have two process definitions, one process definition with two user tasks (to hold two forms), but I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @ilistes

You can find the answer in below link

<userTask id="theTask" name="Do you want to return your #{carName}" />


One questions though: #{taskName} is not the same as ${taskName}?

Actually I always use $

See below description from Java EE docs

<taglib:tag value="${customer.name}" />
<taglib:tag value="#{customer.name}" />

The former uses immediate evaluation syntax, whereas the latter uses deferred evaluation syntax. The first expression accesses the name property, gets its value, and the value is added to the response and rendered on the page. The same thing can happen with the second expression. However, the tag handler can defer the evaluation of this expression to a later time in the page life cycle, if the technology using this tag allows it.

Thanks again!
My tests show that the “$” syntax does not work, I’ll give the “#” one a go, and see what happens. When I say that they don’t work - I mean only when related to labels - they work fine for default values.