Dynamic Name for Subprocess

I have a multi instance subprocess. I want to dynamically assign a name for the subprocess based on element variable value from the Loop collection.

For example, my element variable is sys and i want to name my subprocess as ${sys.systemName} so that each instance of subprocess will have unique name. I did tried this way and it did not work.

Is there a way i can achieve this?

@ChandruM, In this example, service task sets list of elements to the variable arrList and same used in multi instance collection variable, and i configured element variable for iterating through the list and the same was i configured in the task name ${element} SubProcess to the activity.

Lets say arrList = [Task1,Task2,Task3], then in

  • 1st iteration element=Task1 and the subprocess name would be Task1 SubProcess assigned at runtime
  • 2nd iteration element=Task2 and the subprocess name would be Task2 SubProcess assigned at runtime
  • 3rd iteration element=Task3 and the subprocess name would be Task3 SubProcess assigned at runtime

Note: This can be achieved for any type of multi instance activity(MI usertask, MI servicetask, MI subprocess, etc) in the bpmn process

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