Dynamic template-connector.json

Hi, I’m implementing some connectors to our systems, but there are some problems. The static template-connector.json is just not practical for us. e.g. we configure 3 profiles, then the user should be able to select the profile from a dropdown and shouldn’t have to know the profile id and write it in a string field.

This could all be solved, if we could specify an endpoint that serves the JSON instead of needing the actual file. This endpoint could serve the JSON according to its and the environment’s configuration. I mean we already have an endpoint for the connector function, why not having an additional one for the template?

Can I get something like this to work with reasonable effort? Or do I basically have to create my own modeler? If so, could this be a feature request?

What would be even better is an endpoint that serves all templates for all available connectors. Like this you specify the endpoint once for each customer and don’t have to upload every connector to every customer. The customer’s connector endpoint knows which ones are available and it has all the configuration properties needed to generate the templates. Reduces maintenance a lot and drastically increases flexibility.

Another problem with the JSON is that you always have to make changes at 2 places instead of 1 which is prone to errors. Anyway I solved this issue by having annotations on the template and properties and then I generate the JSON pre-packaging. Like this enum values are directly available and if combined with deserializers where needed you can have everything at one place and directly receive the object you can work with without having to transform each value (e.g. String to List<String> for comma-separated lists or String to Set<User> for comma-separated userIds). With a template endpoint we could have all those benefits and more (because annotations have some limitations like values need to be constant).