Dynamically create a user task

How to dynamically create a user task based on values in collection(List) and assign it to different assignee?

Maybe use a Call Activity with a multi-instance collection of your List (is it a list of the assignees?)
In the called process, just use a User Task (you can also give a dynamic name to the task if you want) and set the assignee taken from the element of the current multi-instance.

Its a list of task, need to be processed. If you have some rough model, please share how to achieve it

You can do without the call activity. The user task can be multi-instance as well, based on a collection.

How is the list of tasks correlated to different users?

How do you know which task is which anyway, of those generated? I assume you would know based on which element in the collection variable/expression. In that case, you could attempt a listener or expression on each of the tasks that can determine who to assign to and/or use task local variables.