Element Templates - defining messages


is it possible to define a template for a message?
For all our processes we’d like to have an event subprocess started by a specific message (e.g.: userHasRequestedCancellation) in order to set a standard in our company.

Thank you!

Hi @Francesco_Rigotti,

Do I understand you correctly:

You have an subprocess which you want to call based on a certain ‘trigger’ within multiple processes within your organisation. Therefore you want to define something like a variable ‘userHasRequestedCancellation’ and whenever this variable is send an instance of the subprocess should start?

If this is the case, the message event isn’t the best choice for you. I recommend you are using the signal event. In the Modeler you can easily define a specific signal-Id which is emitted by a throwing signal event.

Your subprocess would start with a catching signal start event.

You can find out more about the signal event here:


Hi @FabianHinsenkamp,

no actually I meant that each process should have a event-subprocess started by a message.
And we don’t want that message to throw compensations on multiple process-instances: we will correlate the message by businessKey to a specific instance.

Does this setup still recommend a message-start-event?


Hi @Francesco_Rigotti ,

sorry for the late reply I was OOO. Please provide an BPMN model, it makes it easier for me to verify what’s a valid approach here.