Element Templates in Zeebe Modeler

While developing microservices for Zeebe testing we see a need to create templates for elements in the modeler. The Camunda modeler supports templates, however I can’t see much information on if Zeebe has a similar way of pre defining microservice/element configuration defaults and/or variables in order to ease and streamline workflow creation.
In camunda it’s done adding a .json to the resources/element-templates folder and that works fine, however it does not work for the Zeebe modeler. Is this a feature that is coming or is this something we potentially would need to develop ourselves?


There looks to be a rough road map here: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe-modeler/issues

The maintainer is amenable to PRs, so you could open an issue, discuss the approach, and submit one.

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@olarsen I tend to agree that having templates will be super useful… should we collaborate in drafting the requirements first in an issue and then maybe see if we can help on the implementation?

For now we are just dipping our toes into Zeebe and I can’t spend too much time on the template part until we have decided this is something we want to move forward with. My question was to clarify if this is a feature that would be coming, if not we need to take that into consideration in terms of developing it ourselves, when choosing a workflow system. Having a lot of microservices, where each can be configured differently and with their separate variables, we need something to ease the workflow creation process. Without it can become a nightmare to orchestrate anything more than 20-30 micro services when building flows.

I just ran into that problem myself with the project that I’m working on. But I’m not going to solve it myself, because I have neither the time nor the necessary expertise. I’ll open the feature request and drive it forward. Feel free to jump in with your use case and input.

I opened a feature request for my use case here: https://github.com/zeebe-io/zeebe-modeler/issues/119. Not sure how similar it is to yours @olarsen

Prioritisation of features is driven by demand, and sometimes the implementation arrives from somewhere in the community, rather than emerging from core engineering (the modeller itself started that way). So it makes a difference to open / contribute to feature requests. Open source is all about someone scratching an itch, and if you find enough itchy people, sooner or later someone shows up who can scratch it!


This video is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sav98y4EFzE

“Extending the Camunda Modeler for Fun and Profit (CamundaCon 2019)”


Thanks. Is this realated to Zeebe modeler and templates?