Email configuration not working

I am trying to implement the email template configuration. But while starting the process of email getting the below error. Attaching the image for more reference.

Note : Need guidance on how to execute the email configuration.
@Anyone please help on that? Your guidance is appreciable.

Hi @Soniya_Sharma, welcome to the forums! Can you share the configuration of your email task? It looks like you have something misconfigured in the details of the task, perhaps with a FEEL expression.

Hello Nathan, thanks for looking.Uploading my email configuration process snaps here.

Hi @Soniya_Sharma - is not a Camunda product and I am unfortunately not familiar with it. It appears to be using our open source Camunda 7 engine under the hood, which explains the confusion. I would recommend reaching out to the support team.

Thank you for the update. I will check with them.Have nice day:)