Embed Camunda Optimize to Spring Boot

Hello everyone,

Before trying everything out, I chose to ask the community what are the options/opinions to run Camunda Optimize embedded to the spring boot application running the workflow engine?

What are your experiences? If someone out there is using this approach - all in Spring-Boot - can you give directions to setting up Camunda optimize as part of the spring boot workflow engine?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @tunch
what would be the reason for running Optimize inside of the same Spring Boot application?
Optimize is a separate web application and comes as a Fat Jar and is build for running standalone.
It can connect to one or multiple Camunda Engines.

Hi Felix,

Thanks for your reply first. I could see that I can run Optimize separately. However, we are working with a service based container platform (Openshift). We have chosen Spring Boot, as a single place (or deployment) for the workflow engine(s) where the cockpit, tasklist and dashboard are also embedded. Dashboard itself is very limited and not well suited for configuration. Optimize as far as I understand provide the tools to analyse and display among other things the process statistics, we are interested in. That’s why I wanted to try it within our deployment but I would not be willing to create an extra service deployment for Optimize which we need to maintain separately and check every time if the data representations are matching etc.