Embedded Form with Angular 7 and pass the variable to Connector


I’m new to camunda and i want to use angular 7 not AngularJS (since there are a lot of difference such as AngularJS using javascript and Angular 7 using TypeScript) as a task form.

I’m following this example: Custom Tasklist examples - Camunda

but there is a problem when i want to use http-connector. The variable that i want to pass to connector isn’t detected.

I found this webinar in youtube: Camunda BPM 7 2 Tasklist and Javascript Forms SDK English - YouTube

but is it possible to only use angular with typescript without javascript?

Why exactly have you decided to use connectors?

As apposed to a Java Class or External Task.

Hi @Niall,

Actually i’m pretty new with Camunda, and i’m not familiar with programming with java delegates…

So, i have this project to require me to call external REST API from my local webservices. I found that http-connector is the easiest way to call it. And i don’t know how to call REST API with java class in Camunda.

And also i don’t want to use external worker.

the connector is a fast and basic way to make rest calls without programming but it’s hard to maintain and test so generally i’d suggest using the External Task pattern to make the rest call.

You could use the supported JavaScript task worker to actually make the call.