Embedded process engine vs. Standalone webapp

Our goal is to run DMN rules triggered from a series of BPM processes in a light weight tomcat container, as part of migrating older version of rules module on an older system.

We’d like to understand if “Camunda Standalone Webapp” will be the right choice? , What is the purpose of “Camunda Standalone Webapp”? Is it going to be just a container that serves as a BPM engine? if so are the client applications expected to interact through REST? potentially from another application? and share the same database?


Is there a way to integrate/build up a custom application along with the engine, true to the meaning of embedded? In which case, does camunda provide a pom.xml or a set of maven dependencies? (may be a jar instead of a war) Please let us know if there is one provided that we could not find on the camunda site.

Can we have the toolset that your provide such as Cockpit and TaskList be included as part of the same engine-embedded application?

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What I understand from the tutorial is that:

  • shared container provides the best performance
  • avoid using standalone engine if possible because it does not provide transaction

Hi Mohan,

if you want to execute some processes which contains business rule tasks then you can build a process application and use a shared process engine. Please have a look at the BPMN Get Started Guide. Otherwise, you can also embed the process engine and use them directly in your application - see the User Guide and architecture overview for details.

Does this help you?

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Hello Philipp,

your posts are very helpful. Thanku you.

I think I’m close to understand what is camunda and how it works but I have one more question.
I have application where I would like to make decisions based on DMN table. Imagine that I would like to decide if some person is right choice to rent my apartment. I have history of that person past rents so I can use that data for decision making for next rent. I have created decision table and would like to deploy that to camunda and make decisions through REST API and get result like: “Yes this person is ok with my business rules and can rent your apartment. That person is not slob etc.”. In such a case should I have standalone camunda and create java app which will be deployed to it or should I create simple spring boot application and deploy DMN to this and create simple REST API for my clients? Am I right that standalone camunda is not ready to use, it needs some app inside container? It is sth like Tomcat, yes ?

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Please let me know if you got answer to this question.