Embedding bpmn-js modeler in my app


is it possible to have a live editing feature in my app by using bpmn-js to view edit processes on the fly? how can I connect it to the db? or how can I configure the paths it reads/writes from?


I believe it is possible to call a rest service from the diagram’s triggered events.

What would you like to live edit? A running process instance? That is not gonna be possible due to the nature of a process instance that is running on a immutable process definition.

No, not a running one. but instead of editing/creating processes on desktop and upload/deploy them to my app. it would be nice to have the editor integrated into the app.

There exists an example that shows you how to embed the bpmn-js modeler into an application.

The modeler is avaliable via the bpmn-js-seed project, too if you need a faster getting started and less control.