Embeded Forms

Hi ,

I am newbiee to camunda . As an analysis I have written a simple multi tab forms in angular js and embed it with user task forms . Am getting an error as

"Form failure: [ng:areq] Argument ‘TabsCtrltest’ is not a function, got undefined
AngularJS "
Am attaching my code along with this :

Please help to figure out the issue.testtab.txt (1.8 KB)


Hi Ajr,

you used ng-app in your form, which bootstraps an angular application. But Tasklist itself is already an angular application and AngularJS applications cannot be nested within each other.

I would recommend you add the directives you want to use within your embedded form as a custom script.



Hi @sebastian.stamm

Thanks for the reply.

So you are suggesting to modify app/tasklist/scripts/config.js file ?


Yes. You can use the config.js file to include your custom script. An example how this would look like is in the documentation.

Thanks @sebastian.stamm will try it.

Thanks @sebastian.stamm it worked

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