Enable Camunda authentication in camunda docker image?

I want to know following things

  1. How to enable authentication on docker image of camunda-run image
  2. How to change the username passwords?

Adding more details.

  1. We want to run camunda run distribution.
  2. We want to enable production mode.
  3. We want to disable the webApps on production.
  4. We want authentication on the APIs.

Our findings

  1. APIs use the same username and password as that of the webApp user.

Now the issue we are facing are

  1. We want do use different user for Rest API and WebApp. Is that possible?
  2. Can we prohibit the Rest API User from calling User APIs.
  3. Can we pass our own production.yml as a parameter to docker image run command rather than creating our own modified image(with our production.yml).