Enabling Job Executor

Hello everyone,

I have installed the engine on a separate Tomcat installation following the instructions here https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.5/installation/full/tomcat/manual/.

It works, but now I have a process with a boundary timer that is never executed. At this moment, I don’t even know if the job executor is working or not, even following the documentation I’m not sure I did the correct thing.

my bpm-platform.xml file is as follows:

    <job-acquisition name="default">
        <property name="waitTimeInMillis">1000</property>
        <property name="maxWait">1000</property>`

  <process-engine name="default">

What am I doing wrong? How can I verify if the job executor is running?


Hi Apilati,

normaly the job executor is by default started on a shared engine.
Since you change the waitTimeInMillis and maxWait the executor should accquire the jobs each second.
How is the timer defined? Please post your bpmn xml.

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Hi Chris,

here it is.

diagram_1.bpmn (8.1 KB)

It’s my first time using BPM so I’m not an expert at all :slight_smile: but I expect that if a user doesn’t complete the Selection task in 1 minute, the whole process should end.

Thanks again.


maxWait must be larger then waitTimeInMillis otherwise you get strange behaviour.

Test ist with waitTimeInMillis=1000 maxWait=3000.

Best reagrds,


Hi Apilati,

you defined your timer with P1M which means it will trigger in one month.
Change this to PT1M and the timer will trigger after a minute.

See this for more information.

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Well, now I feel dumb.
I have checked it over and over a million times but I didn’t notice that.

Thanks a lot! it works.

Can you elaborate on this? (this is the first I’ve seen mention that maxWait and waitTimeInMillis can’t be equal)