Enabling Swagger for Camunda-spring-boot rest api

Is there any plugin or extension available for Enabling Swagger for Camunda-spring-boot Rest API?

I was using,

  • camunda version 7.9.0.
  • springBootVersion = ‘2.0.3.RELEASE’
  • camundaBPMStarterVersion= ‘3.0.0’

hi aravindhrs,
can please help to share sample example for using Camunda-spring-boot Rest API

@thrimurthuluthota you can refer this example





Hi aravindhrs,

i need spring boot rest api example using CAMUNDA can you help it on this

you can find examples for camunda spring boot applications.

hi aravindhrs,

can you please how to call camunda rest api call using soap or Rest api tools

What has SOAP got to do with this?