End a subprocess with a throw event

Hi I am trying to end a subprocess with a throwing event coming from the calling process.
(SEE Screenshot)
But using Escalation event doesn’t seem to work.

Signal event works but as it is broadcasted on all processes it stops subprocess of other running process instances, and that is not what I want.

Let me know if you know to get the same result designing it in another way.


Can you use a Message event?

The docs have a similar example

Same Process messaging is not recommend. Camunda team says there are usually un-expected results/it is unreliable.

In your example, how does the Sub-process and User Task both occur? You have a exclusive gateway: so only one path is possible. The User Task would never occur if the Subprocess A had occurred.

There are 2 good options.
The first is to use a Conditional boundary event.
You could also use a Signal event provided the signal is an expression like #{signalUUID} in which each instance is some generated UUID.

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