End event: Error vs Terminate

I have some process which i want call by another process using call activity.
Sub-process is quite complex, and in negative scenario (case of failure) i want terminate all tokens (because i have parallel paths) - so i I think about using Terminate end event. But in this case i can’t add appropriate interrupting boundary event on call activity. How this case I should model ?

Hi @Radoslaw_Twardy

you can use escalation boundary event in call activity.
the following model may help you
ChildProcess.bpmn (2.9 KB) MainProcess.bpmn (5.6 KB)

I don’t understand. How this solution ensure that all tokens in child process will be terminated? I will change your child process to visualize my problem ChildProcess.bpmn (6.6 KB)
Of course my real child process is much complicated and it’s really heavy to join all “negative paths” to have only one end event.

ChildProcess.bpmn (6.4 KB) one solution could be using a send message task to terminate parent process and using a boundary timer on it to terminate child process automatically for example after 1 second.

MainProcess.bpmn (5.7 KB)