ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource

hi all,i’m biginer in dmn modeler, and i want to run my process model .but i take error “ENGINE-22004 Unable to transform DMN resource”.then i want use dmn model in my process model.i define 2 form field in dmn process<then i use business task that use my dmn file .is it right?[dinnerDecisions.dmn|attachment]dinnerDecisions.dmn (3.5 KB) DMN.bpmn (3.0 KB)

Let us know in more detail whats going on.
How are you deploying the models?
Upload the full stack trace.

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when i deploy dmn model in camunda,i get error as shown in bellow picture

Can you make sure you’re using the newest version of the Camunda Modeler?
Also what are you deploying to exactly?

i use latest version of camunda “4.0.0” .
i checked the stack trace and sow this error

Thats the modeler version - what about Camunda?
I’m able to deploy the DMN table to the latest version of Camunda BPM Run 7.13.0 without any problems.

We faced the same issue, we were using v7.12 of Camunda engine and v4.0.0 of Camunda Modeler and trying to modify a DMN 1.1.

There is an information message in Camunda modeler download page (https://camunda.com/download/modeler/) about DMN 1.1 and Camunda Platform 7.12 compatibility.
In our case, we had to come back to an older version of the modeler waiting for a technical upgrade of our platform.

You’ll need to continue using version 3.x.x of the modeler until you upgrade the engine to 7.13.

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thanks for your solution

Thanks all, It worked for me after upgrading to 7.13