Engine/Cockpit don't notice new workflow version

I recently deployed a new version of a workflow (same file name, same process name/id, new workflow content) in my Spring Boot application. In my test environment, this worked fine. However, in my production environment, there was no change visible in the Cockpit (no new deployment, workflow diagram shows the old version, version number didn’t increment) and process instances could not be created via the new message start event (the old workflow has no message start/catch events).

  • Spring Boot app deployed in Kubernetes
  • Empty processes.xml
  • Application log shows a Camunda “deployment summary” with the expected bpmn file paths within the jar (BOOT-INF/classes/workflow/myWorkflow.bpmn)
  • Deployed jar definitely contains the new bpmn file at that location
  • camunda.bpm.job-execution.enabled: “false” (to be turned back on after migrating existing process instances)
  • Process instances can still be started with runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey (they’re created in the old/existing workflow)

What could be the cause? What can I do to troubleshoot/diagnose this issue? I can’t find where in the DB (postgres in my case) Camunda is storing the workflow data (I see act_re_procdef, but it’s all IDs, no data).