Engine continues to run process instance after being stopped in Cockpit

I am having an issue where my process instance continues to run even after being stopped in the Cockpit (I selected the process instance and clicked the Stop Process icon). I have a loop in my process instance with an exclusive gateway with Java delegates (service task is running a command line program) that continues to loop after being stopped. The only way to stop this loop so far was to kill the engine and restart it. It’s almost as if the engine isn’t listening to the cockpit. We are using Camunda v7.4.

perhaps you have an endless loop? I suspect that cancelling the process in cockpit marks a database flag to cancelled. If the process thread is stuck in a loop and thus does not check the database status, it may continue to run.

You could force a checkpoint in your loop - just mark one of the tasks as an async continuation. I would consider making Log Checking Status as either async before or after. See if that makes a difference.