Engine: Faster than Realtime Operations for Testpurpose of reoccuring Timerevents

Hi there,
although i’m quite new to the Forum i’ve been working with the Engine for a couple of Month.
My Problem/Question:

For (automated) Testpurpose of a unknown Set of reoccuring TimerEvents (Example: a Salary Calculation over a whole year based on some Factor) i would like to “Speed up” the Timing-behaiviour of the Engine without changing the BPMN-Plans. (Can’t wait a year :wink: )

Is there a simple possibility?

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You can use the org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.util.ClockUtil class and the joda org.joda.time.DateTime.
Set the current time to one year in the future, could llook like this:

DateTime current = new DateTime();
DateTime future = current.plusYears(1);

Hope it helps.

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