/engine-rest/engine endpoint is working but not recognisable by Camunda Modeler

So I am trying to setup camunda Stand Alone on my windows 11 machine using:
Camunda run 7.21
openjdk 17
Camunda modeler 5.23

After running start.bat (which btw works only if ran as administrator for some reason), the modeler can’t deploy the bpmn file using the API http://localhost:8080/engine-rest
Getting the fllowing error:

Should point to a running Camunda REST API. [ deploy-error ]

This is weird considering that returns


meaning the API is working.

PS : Launching Start.bat start a tomcat server

Hi @karim
Can you share the error/message when “the modeler can’t deploy the bpmn file”?


You need to set the TTL for your process.

Thank you, this worked. This wasn’t originally the error I was getting but in either case deployement is successful. Thank you.

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