ERD designer in Camunda modeler

We are starting to make a js-based ERD designer(Databse Table designer) and also in our platform we already using camunda modeler …it would be great if we could add our ERD designer as a modeler plugin.
Do you know Camunda Modeler plugin API supports to add something like that ?
If yes Do you have any example ?


Hi @amir_mansouri,

Can you explain what would you like to achieve exactly with the ERD designer as a modeler plugin? What would be your requirements?

Hi @siffogh
We are trying to make a RAD framework and we are using camunda in it …
As we are modeling process we need to model Data Model too

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can achieve that. Camunda Modeler only supports BPMN, CMMN and DMN modelling. Therefore, you can only build plugins that revolve around these 3 concepts.

Thanks for your help